Equipment & Solutions

Cash Automation

Automate Cash Management for Financial Institutions, Retail and Hospitality.

Currency & Coin Counting

Desktop coin and currency counting machines to lobby self-service kiosks.


Dispense-only to full-function envelope-free cash/check deposit imaging.

Check Processing

State-of-the-art check scanning and check encoding equipment.

Cash Automation

Automate Cash Management for Retail and Hospitality

Handling cash is a time-consuming and costly administrative challenge. Your business needs a secure, accurate, and efficient cash management process that maximizes operational efficiency and reduces manual intervention. Cash automation allows technology to improve your cash management needs so your business can:

  • Focus on your customers through increased productivity
  • Increase operational efficiency while reducing costs
  • Improve security and control over cash

Full Range of Automated Cash Management Solutions

We sell, service, and support the latest end-to-end cash automation solutions for deposits and recycling. Leverage smart safes to validate, count, and secure cash right at the Point of Sale (POS). Monitor your cash flow and working capital to better manage operations. Let us find the right solution for your needs. 

Cash Management Assessments

We work with you to perform a comprehensive review and analysis of your entire cash management process to understand needs for today and tomorrow:

  1. Understand your specific cash management goals and requirements
  2. Identify key business metrics to measure success
  3. Assess the current operating environment
  4. Recommend the best combination of hardware and software to meet your needs
  5. Implement your cash automation solution

Preferred Vendors: Scan Coin, Suzohapp  

Currency & Coin Counting

Counters, Discriminators, and Counterfeit Detectors You Can Trust

Spend more time serving customers and less time handling cash. With currency and coin counter, discriminator, and counterfeit detector models ranging from countertop units to lobby self-service equipment, get the accuracy, performance, and reliability you need in an easy-to-use and functional design.


  • Automated counters with advanced screening technology to detect common errors
  • UV and magnetic counterfeit detection options for banknote paper and ink properties

High Performance

  • Models to accommodate any transaction volume
  • Speeds up to 1500 banknotes per minute


  • Simple self-service maintenance provides long-term, trouble-free operation even with heavy use
  • Designed to last using precision manufacturing with heavy-duty components

Preferred Vendors: Amrotec, Cashscan, Cassida, Scan Coin, Semacon, Tellermate.


Security, Reliability, and Ease of Use with Flexible Deployment Options

We provide a full-range of  ATMs from small, retail cash dispensers to full-function financial ATMs with envelope-free cash and check imaging deposits.

Models by Application

  • Lobby
  • Thru-the-wall Walk-Up
  • Thru-the-wall Drive-Up
  • Island Drive-Up


  • Business Hours or UL-291 Level 1 safes
  • Optional heat and vibration sensors, security alarms
  • Anti-skimming capability


  • High uptime with proven cash dispensing technology 
  • Ease of maintenance with modular design for quick service and maximum accessibility


  • Industry-first automatic tilting screen for Drive-Up applications
  • Envelope-free deposits with deposit automation technology 

Preferred Vendors: Nautilus Hyosung, Triton.

Check Processing

High-Performance Check Processing Ensures Accurate, Reliable, Quality Results

We help financial institutions process checks to improve the efficiency of payment processes and treasury management. This results in faster access to funds, reduced costs, and increased ROI. Our products are ideal for high-volume remittance processing, lockbox, and back-office/branch capture.


  • Processing speeds up to 190 cpm, daily volume up to 24,000 items
  • High-capacity automatic document feeder (ADF)
  • Large capacity (200-item) ejection pockets for increased output capacity


  • Exceptional feed reliability from a proven roller system
  • Handles business and personal checks, thicker rebate check cards, and envelopes
  • Built-in joggers ensure optimal item alignment to eliminate misfeeds


  • Capture valuable check information exceptional clarity and precision
  • Designed with high-precision optical technology (Fine Text Filtering, 1200 dpi scanning)
  • Sharp image capture with less distortion for better OCR accuracy

Preferred Vendors: Canon, Digital Check, Panini, Maverick.

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