Cash Automation


Automate Cash Management for Retail and Hospitality

Handling cash is a time-consuming and costly administrative challenge. Your business needs a secure, accurate, and efficient cash management process that maximizes operational efficiency and reduces manual intervention. Cash automation allows technology to improve your cash management process so your business can:

  • Focus on your customers through increased productivity
  • Increase operational efficiency while reducing costs
  • Improve security and control over cash

Full Range of Automated Cash Management Solutions

We sell, service, and support the latest end-to-end cash automation solutions for deposits and recycling. Leverage smart safes to validate, count, and secure cash right at the Point of Sale (POS). Monitor your cash flow and working capital to better manage operations. Let us find the right solution for your needs.

Cash Management Assessments

We work with you to perform a comprehensive review and analysis of your entire cash management process to understand your needs for today and tomorrow:

  1. Understand your specific cash management goals and requirements
  2. Identify key business metrics to measure success
  3. Assess the current operating environment
  4. Recommend the best combination of hardware and software to meet your needs
  5. Implement your cash automation solution

Preferred Vendors: Scan Coin, Suzohapp

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