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Beneficial Savings Bank
Bryn Mawr Trust Company
Harleysville National Bank
Citadel Federal Credit Union
First National Bank & Trust Company
County Bank
Citizens Bank


Beneficial Savings Bank

The bank was considering the discontinuation of its coin counting service at the teller line for several reasons:

The transactions were taking too long and requiring too many teller resources that were impeding customer service.

Tellers were filing workmen's compensation claims based on injuries from handling the coin bags.

BBS proposed a solution whereby loose change is counted by the customer by the use of a self service lobby machine. This approach enabled the bank to continue to provide a valuable service and at the same time increase customer service by freeing tellers for other transactions. This approach dramatically reduced the handling of the coin. It provided a win-win solution for both customers and bank staff.

Beneficial Savings Bank was one of the first banks to implement self service coin counting in the Delaware Valley.


Bryn Mawr Trust Company — Teller Cash Dispenser

The bank has a high level of activity and especially on Friday is very busy both in the lobby and in the drive thru window.

In order to make the tellers more efficient and to improve customer service Bard provided the Arca.2000 Teller Cash Dispenser.

The important elements of the solution were as follows:

  • Interface to their Fiserv CBS Teller System
  • Accommodate normal daily transaction volume
  • Accommodate peak periods and have the flexibility to be used by multiple tellers
  • Secure the money to minimize handling of cash
  • Immediate Return on Investment
  • Reliable performance


Harleysville National Bank — Ingenico Check Readers

The bank was looking for a solution that could help them reduce their exposure to counterfeit check fraud throughout their branch network. Together with the bank, we researched check readers that can detect counterfeit checks by reading the quality of the MICR line.
  • Worked with Ingenico, the manufacturer, to gain distribution rights to sell the product to the bank. Worked out special community bank pricing for smaller quantities. Normal order quantity from Ingenico was much higher because their customers are very large banks.
  • Presented the product and the benefits to the bank
  • Provided references to the bank with the help of Ingenico
  • Provided training and implementation plan.
HNB is pleased with the product and is stopping fraud.


Citadel Federal Credit Union—Customer Service & Core Deposits

Citadel Federal Credit Union implemented a self service coin counting program which is extremely popular with its members. Prior to the program, members were required to wrap their coin by hand.

Citadel is finding that approximately 35-40% of the coin counted is deposited into member accounts which has increased their branch core deposits by a significant amount.


First National Bank & Trust Company

The bank implemented a check imaging system utilizing CAR (Courtesy Amount Recognition) technology that automatically reads and posts the amount of each check and internal transaction document (i.e. Cash Tickets).

The bank was looking to maximize the read rate of these documents to reduce the amount of manual keying that resulted from rejected documents that could not be read by CAR.

We recommended and configured the teller automation system, Teller Suite, which allowed us to customize the printing of their transaction validations. We worked with the bank to ensure that the validations were printed consistently on the document with an acceptable font and that the amount field was isolated from the other information in order to ensure a high read rate. After implementation, First National Bank & Trust experienced a 95% read rate.

In addition, we designed their system to print the teller number and branch number on each cash ticket. This was important because prior to the Teller Suite installation, each teller had their own set of cash-in and cash-out tickets with their individual teller and branch number pre-encoded on them. Utilizing our system to print the teller number and branch number and using the bank's CAR technology, the bank was able to transition into having a single generic cash- in ticket and a single, generic cash-out ticket for all their tellers to use. After implementation, First National Bank & Trust reduced their teller cash tickets from 160 different documents down to 2.


County Bank

The bank has purchased a windows based teller system from their core processor only 16 months prior to selecting our solution, Teller Suite. How we did it:
  • Initial meeting to uncover the bank's challenges with their current system.
  • Uncovered that their system was not working well on their windows network requiring considerable IT and proof resources and causing a great deal of operational disruption.
  • Also uncovered that they were still accumulating data manually for reporting purposes and printing checks manually — not using the full capability of their hardware.
  • Put together a cost justification, ROI model that saved the bank over $25,000 per year by going with our system.


Citizens Bank

...installs National Source One's BranchConnect Teller Suite — Product Installation Improves Regulation and Compliance Commitment

National Source One (NSO), a marketing, sales and installation support consortium of System Integrators (SIs), announced the installation of BranchConnect Teller Suite™ at the Citizens Bank of Batesville, Arkansas.

According to Citizens Bank, the software should pay for itself within nine to 12 months. "The savings will come from the increased revenue from BranchConnect Teller Suite's fee structure," said Poole. "In many cases the fees our bank charges non-customers for check cashing were not enforced. With our old system, these fees were charged manually, and the tellers often preferred to avoid the argument that typically ensued with non-customers. With our new teller system from NSO system, the fee will be charged automatically, and the teller will be accountable if the fee is not administered. This should drastically increase fee-based revenue."

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