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Check Processing - Check Scanners & Joggers

Check Scanning Technology. Check Scanning equipment is designed to capture check data required for electronic payment processing via the ACH Network, i.e., Bank Routing Number (ABA), Account Number, Check Number, and the dollar amount.

Check Scanners are designed for two purposes; to capture the check data (aka/MICR Line data which stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), and capture an image if required. They function as follows:

  • Check Data Readers read the MICR line data only.
    • Check Data Readers are used to reduce data entry errors, and are typically stand-alone machines connected to a PC keyboard wedge or Point-Of-Sale terminal. They simply read the MICR information as if it was keyed in. No memory, or storage requirements.
  • Check Imagers capture an image of the check in addition to reading the MICR line data.
    • Check Imagers capture an image of the check for storage and subsequent retrieval. Check Imagers also read the MICR line data at the bottom of the check, and either reads it on to a Point-Of-Sale terminal or PC, in addition to capturing an image for archival purposes.
  • Check Scanning Equipment varies in size and price based on the functionality, memory, data storage and check volume required.
    • Check Scanners are typically desktop models ranging from single-feed low-speed Check Data Readers, to bin-fed high-speed models (100+ checks per minute)
Bard Business Systems, Inc. provides a wide range of check scanners to capture on a single pass:
  • Scan both front & back image of checks
  • Capture the MICR code line from encoded items
  • If configured, endorse on the back of the check

We also have a variety of check joggers to assure checks are squared and separated properly prior to scanning.

Click here for more information regarding Check Imaging & Check 21

Scanners, Joggers, POS Terminals/Remote Capture

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