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Check Processing - Check Imaging & Check 21 Overview

Check Imaging Grows Exponentially — Get Ready to Profit From the Trend

Check Paper checks are being transitioned to electronic images of checks at an unprecedented pace. According to the Federal Reserve, only two years after the effective date of Check 21, check payments totaling almost $8 trillion per year have already moved from the traditional paper-based clearing process to improved image-based processes.

Based on the 2004 Federal Reserve Payments Study, that amount is much greater than the sum of all debit card payments ($.6 trillion) and all credit card payments ($1.7 trillion).

The number of images received by paying banks exceeded the number of substitutes for the first time in the month of September 2006. The rate of growth in images is accelerating.

The number of institutions participating in image-based clearing totals almost 5,500 (approximately 34% of all institutions), and many more can be expected to implement check image enhancements in the near future.

— Source: Federal Reserve, 2007and BAI


Bard Business Systems, Inc. Check Imaging & Check 21 solution incorporates the latest in intelligent image, MICR and optical character recognition, workflow, image retrieval and routing, as well as mass media storage and distribution. Installed nation-wide, these applications have helped our clients to streamline mission critical processes, improve productivity, reduce loss and achieve significant savings in operating costs.

We provide industry leading software, a wide range of check scanners, check joggers, and ATMs to make Check Imaging & Check 21 Feasible:

  • Easy to Implement
  • Easy to Use
  • Complete access to Data
  • Low Cost of Ownership

Man at ATM State of the Art ATMs with Bulk Check Scanning Capability

Industry Leading Software:

  • Branch & Remote Capture
  • Check Imaging/Archiving/Retrieving
  • Batch Reporting
  • MICR/Image or ACH File Export
  • Check 21 Exchange
    (ANSI Standard X9.37 Compliant)
  • CAR/LAR Recognition
  • Remittance or Check Payment Processing

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