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Products & Solutions

Check Processing - Capturing/Imaging

We provide advanced check-imaging solutions which are easy-to-use yet technologically advanced modular applications.

Our modularity allows you to configure a system that not only meets your needs today but will also be able to grow as the needs of your institution change in years to come.

Our solutions also interface with a variety of item processing transports including NCR, Canon, Unisys, Panini, Digital Check, and Seac Banche to allow institutions flexibility in selecting from a wide range of transport capabilities and costs. Our solutions can be configured to handle several different item processing environments including (but not limited to):

  • Remote Deposit System
  • Proof of Deposit System
  • Branch Capture System
  • Power Encode
  • CAR/LAR (Courtesy Amount Recognition / Legal Amount Recognition)
  • Federal Reserve Image Archive System
  • Back-End Check Imaging System
  • Microfilm Replacement System
Check check scanner       screen capture

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